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In the realm of big little problems, my DC barber of the last 7 years, Mr. Duvall was not at his usual perch at “The Hair Company”. And worse, the folks who were the barber shop  were not very helpful telling me what happened. Luckily I was able to track him down and got a cut. All is well. 

For those searching for Mr. Duvall, you can contact him at 202-289-0647, he’s taking appointments. And his email is dhairco1 <at> yahoo <dot> com.

A bit dated, but here’s my blog post last month on my experience on Kickstarter. My reward for this piece has been an ongoing stream of pitches from Kickstarter entrepreneurs!. 

Working with WaPo Labs, Washington Post Media’s independent polling business, Capital Insight launched Poll Watch for Android and iOS. Check it out! read the full press release here.

Our sister company, Local 10 in Miami just launched a new Android and iOS app to follow the Miami Heat’s run through the playoffs. The app was built in collaboration with WaPo Labs

Post-Newsweek Stations VP Catherine Badalamente is interviewed at NAB on their emerging mobile and digital efforts, including the work of WaPo Labs. PNS is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company and operates 6 broadcast TV stations. 

My piece on the Post’s OnInnovations blog from yesterday detailing my hunt for the future of television. 

Had a great trip to the Beet.TV executive retreat. Here was one of the interviews I did during the conference. 

Vieques ocean view (Taken with Cinemagram)

I had the privilege of kicking off DC Startup Forum and talking about life at the Washington Post and WaPo Labs (by wamu885)

Had a great conversation with the online news site eMedia Vitals. This interview is turning out to be really useful for us in explaining what WaPo Labs does. 

Here’s a good excerpt: 

The design meets Ravindran’s objective of a “tuning” option that doesn’t overburden users who want to customize their experience but is also easily ignored by users who want the stories selected for them.

“We’re OK with 95% of users never utilizing tuning if they don’t want to,” he explained. “But it’s there if someone really wants it. You need a strong implicit experience for the lightly engaged, but you need to give an escape outlet when they want to engage more heavily.”

Thanks to the site for talking to us at such depth!

For the AllThingD interview with Mike Isaac, I found myself in a quandry, there was no good way to demo the Google TV app over web conference. So using my full CDO skills, here’s what I came up with — Skype pointing at a TV. 

We’ve launched our latest project, PostTV, a Google TV app anchored by The Fold, a new nightly newscast built for the connected TV world first. 

After our initial story with AllThingsD (linked above), we also had some great coverage by GigaOM’s Janko Roettgers, who has been closely covering the world of cord cutters. 

Today’s episode features an exclusive interview with Dr. Henry Kissinger talking about “red lines” for Iran and China. Super exciting stuff!

I had the honor to be on the Kojo Show yesterday. Something I’ve listened to for many years and admired. If you follow the link, you’ll be able to listen the segment. I discuss social reading, the Post, and some of the core beliefs I have on the future of news. Oh, and I take calls:)

I am very excited to see this development. Trove which one year ago was launched as a personalized news aggregation site has been steadily integrated into more and more parts of the Washington Post digital experience. In addition to powering Social Reader and Personal Post, which are very much WaPo Labs driven projects, its API is now used in several creative ways by the Post, and the best part is that our team is much more in a background role as the creative minds of the Post find more and more uses. The best is yet to come!